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Tony Gentry

Assistive Technology Applications in the Workplace

Presented By:
Tony Gentry, VCU
September 11, 2014

 For an individual with a physical disability, assistive technology applications may be vital to obtaining employment and improving daily work performance. Assistive technology (AT) can assist in bridging the gap between a person's physical abilities and their daily job duties. Many workplace challenges can be either overcome or improved by using assistive technology in combination with other types of workplace supports.  This webcast will provide general information about assistive technology and provide resources for additional information.

 Dr. Gentry is an assistant professor in the occupational therapy department at VCU. He received his BA in History and Literature from Harvard University, his MA in occupational therapy from New York University and his PhD in instructional technology from the University of Virginia. Dr. Gentry’s career has focused on neurological rehabilitation and assistive technology for people with physical disabilities.