Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Employer Practices for Individuals with Disabilities

    The RRTC-EP investigates the most successful business practices which companies utilize to hire and retain workers with disabilities. The project includes four studies, the largest takes place in partnership with Bon Secours Virginia Health System, a long term leader in diversity and hiring of persons with disabilities.

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    Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project on Customized Employment

    The VCU-DRRP helps young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder, to achieve competitive employment based on the individual's choices, interests and skills. The project's overall objective is to test the effectiveness of customized employment as an intervention to facilitate employment for youth with disabilities.

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    VCU Autism Center for Excellence

    VCU-ACE is a university-based technical assistance, professional development, and educational research center for Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Commonwealth of Virginia. VCU-ACE improves services and supports for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by promoting the implementation of research-based practices in schools and the community through training, technical assistance, research, and collaboration.

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    Center on Transition Innovations

    The Center on Transition Innovations (CTI) at Virginia Commonwealth University is a centralized statewide portal for information, resources, demonstration, and research for educators and other stakeholders in the transition of youth with disabilities. CTI provides evidence-based resources and information along with emerging practices in the field. The results of research studies and demonstration projects conducted here in Virginia help us shape the ongoing work of CTI.

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    Work Incentives Planning & Assistance National Training and Data Center

    The Virginia Commonwealth University National Training and Data Center (NTDC) provides comprehensive training and technical assistance to Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA) projects, the Ticket to Work Help Line, and community partners to ensure accurate and timely support for beneficiaries on the road to employment and financial independence.

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How can we as a society NOT fund services that will lead young people with autism to become productive, employed citizens in their communities? asks Paul Wehman, Director of the VCU Autism Center for Excellence
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Upcoming Webcast - Dec 11

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Techniques for Creating Inclusive Workplaces: Accommodation Policies and Practices - The World Health Organization reports globally there are more than 1 billion people with disabilities. Increasingly, chronic health conditions and disabilities are becoming more commonplace in the workplace.

Online Course: Supported Employment

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Supported Employment Online Course ACRE Certified - January 14 - April 8, 2019 This course provides an extensive overview of supported employment and how to facilitate competitive jobs for individuals with significant disabilities. Topics include: federal policy; customer profile; job development; working with employers; job-site strategies; support plans; and alternative funding.

Online Course: Customized Employment

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Overview of Customized Employment Online Course -March 4 - 29, 2019 Customized employment is a process for individualizing the employment relationship between a job seeker and an employer in ways that meet the needs of both. It is based on a match between the unique strengths, needs, and interests of the job candidate with a disability, and the identified business needs of the employer or the self-employment business chosen by the candidate.

Business Connections Spotlight

Tommy Dubois

This month the VCU RRTC wants to recognize Tommy Dubois for his outstanding work in internship development and job placements at the Fort Eustis Project SEARCH site.

What is Authentic Assessment?

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Assessment is an integral part of education and plays a vital role in determining students’ strengths, learning preferences, instructional needs, and conditions for success in any type of learning situation. Educators can use a wide variety of methods to evaluate student skills, learning needs, and academic progress.

Sarah's Case Study

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Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project on Customized Employment -Discovery is the foundation of customized employment (CE), and is one of the elements that differentiates CE from other employment interventions. The purpose is to learn about the individual’s strengths, interests and work preferences. Discovery is capacity-based, not deficit-based. Instead of conducting formal assessments, employment specialists spend time with job seekers in familiar and unfamiliar settings.

Article Summary

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Toward Competitive Employment for Persons with Intellectual and Development Disabilities: What Progress Have We Made and Where Do We Need to Go - Recent research has shown that supported employment interventions for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) have a significant positive impact on the employment outcomes of these individuals.

Employment Services

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Business Connections at VCU is a supported employment service provider for individuals in the Metro Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Warsaw areas, assisting individuals with disabilities with finding employment and providing ongoing support to clients who obtain employment. Established in 1983, the Virginia Commonwealth University RRTC provides resources for professionals, individuals with disabilities, and their representatives. Our team of nationally and internationally renowned researchers is committed to developing and advancing evidence-based practices to increase the hiring and retention for individuals with disabilities.