Supported Employment Online Course

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Course Overview

The VCU Supported Employment Online Course is designed to provide knowledge and skill development in competitive integrated employment to include supported and customized employment.

The 40-hour training is presented in six modules. Each module is posted for two weeks for a total of twelve weeks. Course content is delivered through an online course format with recorded audio and video presentations, required reading, practical activities, and online discussions covering the following topics:

  • Module 1: Overview and Introduction to Employment First
  • Module 2: Customer Profile and Career Planning
  • Module 3: Marketing and Job Development
  • Module 4: Customized Employment
  • Module 5: Job Site Supports
  • Module 6: Social Security and Other Special Topics

Course instructors mentor small groups of participants providing individualized feedback and instruction to support each participant's skill development and successful course completion.

If you have questions about the course topics or content, please email Katie Thompson.

Course Presenters:

The VCU Supported Employment Online Course includes presentations from experts in the field of competitive integrated employment to include:

  • Dr. Paul Wehman
  • Dr. Katherine Inge
  • Cary Griffin
  • Vicki Brooke
  • Grant Revell
  • Jennifer McDonough

Learning Objectives

As a result of taking the series, a participant will be able to:

  • Discuss the federal policy and historical overview of supported employment.
  • Describe Discovery and the importance of getting to know the job seeker.
  • Define the components of a customer profile to include situational assessments, vocational evaluations, and functional resumes.
  • Illustrate an understanding of job development for career paths by developing a job search plan for a potential supported employment customer.
  • Match a customer's strengths with the prospective employer's business needs.
  • Discuss the various job-site training strategies (e.g., natural cues, workplace supports, compensatory strategies, instructional strategies, assistive technology) and their applications.
  • Define the features of a high-quality long-term support plan.
  • Describe the various alternative funding sources for supported employment.
  • Discuss the impact of working on benefits.

Course Access & Technical Requirements

Participants will access course materials on the VCU's Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) and may access the course at any time of the day, seven days a week. For this reason, a participant must have access to a computer. Not all course materials will display if using a tablet or phone and some assignments need to be completed using word processing software. Participants MUST have access to a computer with:

  • Internet access, Chrome or Firefox are recommended
  • PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader (free software)
  • Word processing, such as Microsoft Word
  • An e-mail account

If you have questions about the technology applications, please contact Lucian Friel at (804) 827-1434.

Course Outcomes

Upon successful competition of the course, a participant can earn the following course outcomes:

  • 4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • 40 Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRCs) credits
  • National Certificate in Employment Services (Basic) issued by ACRE

To complete the course successfully, participants must review content training, participate in online discussion forums, complete activities, and pass a quiz for each lesson. All assignments must be completed in order to earn the ACRE Certificate.