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Ruth Aspy

Considerations for Autism Evaluations in the Public Schools

Presented By:
Ruth Aspy, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, The Ziggurat Group
November 8, 2022

Assessment of autism is challenging and fascinating. There is no such thing as an “easy” autism evaluation. The question to ask during the evaluation is “Who is this student and what do they need?” In answering this question, we see how very complex each person is and we look for the patterns that may indicate the presence of autism. Dr. Aspy will compare the DSM definition of autism used in private settings to the definition of autism in state and federal law. She will also examine the relationship between diagnosis in the private setting and eligibility under the category of autism in public schools. Some issues related to educational identification such as educational needs and recognizing autism in girls will also be addressed.

Presenter Bio:

Ruth Aspy, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist specializing in transdisciplinary assessment and intervention for individuals on the spectrum. She is co-author of a comprehensive model of intervention, The Ziggurat Model, which earned the Literary Achievement Award from the Autism Society.  Dr. Aspy has provided training and consultation throughout the United States and internationally. She serves on the Autism Society of America’s Panel of Professional Advisors. Her focus is on understanding the underlying characteristics of autistic individuals while keeping their neurological/brain differences in mind.  Dr. Aspy believes that kindness is at the heart of all good support strategies. She has an emphasis on working with females on the spectrum and with those individuals who have symptoms of catatonia.