Webcast Information

Webcast Information

Photo of Cayte Anderson
Cayte Anderson

Photo of Timothy Tansey
Timothy Tansey

TECH-Prep: Panel Presentation (Part 1)
Cayte Anderson, Ph.D., LPD, CRC, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Timothy Tansey, Ph.D., Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Part 1 of a panel presentation highlighting the blended learning model (virtual soft skills training and coaching, coding, and tech internship) being piloted with African American youth with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Chicago. We would like to include our graduate student coaches to share their experience engaging youth through this project.


Dr. Timothy Tansey-PI at UW-Madison
Our graduate student coaches: Sara Park, Megan Ramirez, and Marcus Weathers, Jr.
David Douglas-founder of Yolobe (now yolBe)
Meera Patel-web designer and former Yolobe intern
Cayte Anderson-UW-Stout