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Ian Kunkes

How to Help Your Students Make a Successful College Transition

Presented By:
Ian Kunkes, M.S., Director of Student Accessibility & Educational Opportunity, VCU
August 5, 2020

The transition from high school to college is challenging for most students. College classes are more difficult, there’s a heavier workload, and the independence of college is exciting but daunting. This new stage of life can be especially difficult for students with disabilities, who have to navigate a completely different system for obtaining accommodations, new instructors who don’t know their needs, and other challenges to learning and daily life that may come with their disability. 

Educators, counselors, and other practitioners have a professional responsibility to help students with disabilities prepare for their college transition. In this webcast, the presenters will discuss key differences between high school and college, available supports for student success, dispel common misunderstandings, and offer thoughts on what professionals can be doing right now to set their students up for success in college.

Presenter Bios:

Ian B. Kunkes, M.S. is the director of Student Accessibility and Educational Opportunity and co-chair of the Transforming Accessibility Initiative at Virginia Commonwealth. He also works with Educational Testing Services (ETS) as a disability consultant, reviewing requests for accommodations on high stakes exams. Over his career, Ian has worked with students with a wide range of disabilities at the high school and college level to ensure they are able to access and succeed in any all education opportunities. One of Ian's greatest passions is working with students, families, and educational professionals to understand what it takes to successfully navigate the transition from K-12 to post-secondary education.