Webcast Information

Webcast Information

Introducing the Nest Program in Franklin County Public Schools - Part 1

Presented by: Heather Reger, Julie Realmuto, and Shari Caston

Date: 1/28/2020

Time: 3:30 - 3:45pm Eastern

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Part 1:  How the ASD Nest Program came to FCPS

Many students with autism need supports to participate in an inclusive setting.  NYU’s ASD Nest Program is a different way to enhance the inclusive setting to provide these supports.  Researched by our former autism specialist, approved by our assistant superintendent, along with help from NYU and VCU-ACE, Franklin County Public Schools became the first school system outside of NYC to implement the ASD Nest Program in an elementary classroom.   During this three-part series you will learn how the ASD Nest Program came to Franklin County Public Schools (FCPS), how FCPS implemented the ASD Nest Program, and the progress of our ASD Nest students over time

The number is growing!  The number of students identified with autism will continue to grow.  Therefore, the need to support those students with autism in an inclusive setting is imperative.  In this module, Heather and Julie will share with you how Franklin County Public Schools, in Southwest Virginia, became the first school system outside or NYC to implement the ASD Nest Program.  All practices implemented in an ASD Nest classroom are evidence based strategies used for students with autism, but are also appropriate for all children.