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Crystal Hence

Intern to Employee: Making Dreams become Reality

Presented By:
Crystal Hence, B.S., Vocational Rehab Counselor, VCU-RRTC
October 22, 2019

Project SEARCH participants are allotted a chance to intern in a hospital setting, which allows them the opportunity to fulfill dreams and open up possibilities to different career choices. Internships also provide unique opportunities for employers to experience an individual's skill set before hiring them. This webcast explains how one intern found his dream job in the medical field and how he transitioned from an intern to an employee.


Crystal Hence earned a B.S. in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. She started working with VCU-RRTC as a community counselor supporting individuals to locate and maintain employment. She now serves as the Job Coach at the St. Francis Medical Center, Project SEARCH site.


Key Terms:

Project SEARCH: An internship program that allows transition age youth with disabilities to receive hands on training through internships in a business setting. Project SEARCH is an international program that started in 1996 at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Onboarding: A way to acclimate new employees into the business’s culture and teach the needed skills to be successful in the work place.

Supported Employment: A long term service provided to individuals with disabilities who may require support to obtain and maintain community employment.