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Webcast Information

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Lou Orslene

A Tool for Creating Inclusive Workplaces: The JAN Accommodation Toolkit
Lou Orslene, MPIA, MSW, JAN Co-Director, Job Accomodation Network


The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) has developed an online tool to help U.S. businesses most successfully recruit, hire and retain applicants and employees with disabilities. The newest addition to JAN’s suite of products, the Workplace Accommodation Toolkit packages JAN’s deep knowledge of the employment life cycle into an online platform with the information businesses need to create inclusive workplaces while complying with disability-related employment laws.

The Toolkit contains examples of sample accommodation policies and processes from companies known for being inclusive, a suite of accommodation forms, scenario-based video training featuring the interactive accommodation process, and a number of best and emerging practices for creating inclusive workplaces.

The Toolkit can be found at: https://askjan.org/toolkit/index.cfm In this webcast, JAN highlights the features of the Toolkit.