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Nancy Brooks-Lane

Making Room for Employment Best Practices: Lessons Learned From Agencies

Presented By:
Nancy Brooks-Lane, M.S., L.M.F.T., L.P.C., Senior Consultant, Center for Social Capital
May 23, 2018

This webcast focuses on practical wisdom and guidelines that demystify the agency process of incorporating Employment Best Practices. The knowledge is based on work with agencies during the previous 5 years who have learned by “doing" under the tutelage of subject matter experts.  It explores the fundamentals of the inner workings that come from taking action.  Additionally, specific skills, attitudes and choices are highlighted that were important to the success of the specific organizations' process.


Nancy Brooks-Lane's diverse skills include: training, technical assistance and side by side mentoring in best practices; organizational and system change strategic planning; and aligning policy, funding, and change. She has assisted persons with significant disabilities obtain customized employment or start their own business and has mentored, trained and provided technical assistance to self-advocates, families, providers, citizen advocates, funders and social and political leaders in the processes of best practices and system change. She has co-authored chapters in the books Real Work for Real Pay: Inclusive Employment for Individuals with Disabilities and The Job Developers Handbook: Practical Tactics for Customized Employment, and serves on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation.