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Josh Taylor

Including Students with Autism in General Education Classrooms: Tips for Teachers

Presented By:
Josh Taylor, M.Ed., Training Associate, VCU-ACE
January 9, 2018

Description: Students with autism are increasingly taught in inclusive and co-taught settings with high academic and social expectations. While education in the least restrictive environment is an exciting trend for students, meeting diverse needs of learners with autism can be a challenge for teachers whose preparation and experience did not include autism-specific strategies and content. 

This webcast, designed for teachers working with students with autism in general education and co-taught classrooms, will discuss successful strategies, tips for collaboration and support, and recommend resources to continue learning and expanding the professional toolkit.  

Bio: Joshua Taylor, M.Ed. is a Training Associate for Virginia Commonwealth University’s (VCU) Autism Center for Excellence and a PhD student in the Special Education and Disability Policy program at VCU. He advocates for community inclusion through his work as an educational consultant with museums and cultural centers such as the Smithsonian, Richmond Symphony Orchestra, and the Kennedy Center.  He previously worked an Autism Specialist in Arlington Public Schools, and has classroom experience supporting the inclusion of high school students with autism.