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Emily Illand

Drawing a Blank II

Presented By:
Emily Illand, California State University, Northridge
December 8, 2015

Drawing a Blank II- We Want More! What is an educator or parent to do with the dearth of evidence-based options to help readers with ASD who can decode well but don’t understand? Join us to learn about some practical, promising practices.

In this session participants will:

  • Understand the rationale for choosing promising practices to address comprehension
  • Identify features that make an intervention a good fit for readers with ASD
  • Explore promising practices to address the needs of good decoders with poor comprehension including Friend Venn (a strategy to teach perspective); Homograph strategy (self-monitoring, clarification, vocabulary growth); Shades of Meaning (connotation and vocabulary);  and Use of Technology including electronic dictionaries (vocabulary, resolution of ambiguity)

Emily Illand, M.A. is an award-winning author, advocate, researcher, and leader in the autism field. She is the mother of a young man with ASD and brings personal experience and insight to her professional roles.Emily is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Special Education at California State University, Northridge. She is an educational consultant, presenting a variety of topics at conferences in both English and Spanish, all over the U.S. and abroad. She is known for the clear way she presents complex information!  Areas of special focus include Reading Comprehension & ASD, Autism 101, Sibling Issues & Family Balance, Social & Friendship Skills, Play & Social Inclusion, and Skills for Safety & Independence, Autism & Law Enforcement, Transition to Adulthood, Autism & the College Experience, Autism in the Workplace, and Adult Relationships.