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Patty Crumb

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Dorothy Waddell

Reading is Understanding – A Deeper Look at Comprehension and ASD

Presented By:
Patty Crumb, Virginia Beach Public School System

Dorothy Waddell, Southeastern Cooperative Education Program
October 13, 2015

 Reading is a fundamental part of our daily lives. Imagine what your world would be like if you did not understand the words you see on this page.  For the majority of students with ASD reading is a challenge.  Although often able to decode words, comprehending the text read or expressing what they are able to understand may prove difficult.  Providing assessment based instruction, specific to each student’s reading level, is paramount to increasing reading comprehension skills. In this webcast we will discuss the importance of comprehension and share research-based and promising practices to be used during the instruction and informal reading assessments of verbal and nonverbal students with ASD.

Patty Crumb earned her bachelor’s degree in education from Monmouth University, her master’s degree in education from Old Dominion University and attended the University of Virginia to obtain her Educational Leadership endorsement. She has over 12 years of experience serving individuals diagnosed with ASD as a teacher, administrator and as literacy support for a regional special education program. In her role as literacy support and mentor teacher, Patty has had the opportunity to work with students of varying ages and disabilities as well as to create and present professional development for her professional peers. Recently, she provided reading tutoring to students in the Virginia Beach Public School system. Patty has developed two sight word iPad applications, which can be used to assess both verbal and nonverbal student’s sight word knowledge.

Dorothy J. Waddell, M. Ed., is a certified Reading Specialist for the Southeastern Cooperative Education Program (SECEP).   She earned an endorsement in special education and a master’s degree in reading education from Old Dominion University.   Dorothy has served students with disabilities for 15 years and the last 10 years have been dedicated to increasing the literacy skills of students with autism.  She has been responsible for developing literacy curriculum, mentoring new teachers, professional development of staff, and adapting materials to better fit the needs of the students she serves.  Her professional interests focus on ensuring that all students, regardless of their disability, have access to quality literacy instruction that meets their individual needs.