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Joey Wallace

RESNA Catalyst Project: Providing Assistive Technology Support and Technical Assistance

Presented By:
Joey Wallace, NewWell Foundation
November 13, 2014

In this webcast, Dr. Wallace will give an overview of the services offered by the RESNA Catalyst Project. He will define the services and devices of assistive technology and describe the benefits of assistive technology such as independence, community living, and employment. In addition, Paul Galonsky, MPA, and Jason Luciano, PhD, both with RESNA, will discuss the options to help individuals live independently through Statewide Assistive Technology Programs. Dr. Luciano will explain alternative financing programs designed to help make assistive devices affordable.

Meet the Presenter:

Dr. Joey Wallace is the Director of the RESNA Catalyst Project, which provides technical assistance to the 56 State Assistive Technology Projects and 36 Alternative Financing Programs. Previously, he served as the Executive Director of the Assistive Technology Loan Fund Authority, Virginia’s low interest loan program for AT, and as a Policy and Funding Specialist for the Virginia Assistive Technology System. Joey has had a variety of work experiences including case management, residential services, advocacy, policy development and teaching at George Washington University and John Tyler Community College. He is the author of multiple journal articles, textbook chapters, and topic papers on a variety of disability-related areas. He has committed himself to promoting the inclusion of assistive technology in people’s lives, and increasing Individual access through personal choice and self-advocacy.