Webcast Information

Webcast Information

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Justin George

Progressing Through Transition
Justin George, Student


Justin George is a young man with AS and ADHD. He also has anxiety. This webcast will be delivered by Justin. In his own words, he will discuss how strategies, people and placements helped him move from middle school, high school and now to college. Strategies on how he moved forward, became more self-determined, and has used his interests and love of amateur radio and weather reporting to continue to become more successful as he progresses through his transitions in life will be discussed.

Bio: Justin is 19 years old and lives in Chesterfield County.  Justin is currently going to J Sergeant Reynolds Community College in pursuit of a certificate in legal office technology. He hopes to continue to advocate for others. Justin is a youth leader for the I'm Determined project since 2011. Among other things, Justin enjoys spending time with his family and his girlfriend Madison, the outdoors and learning about various facts. He is a member of the Virginia Amateur Radio Communications auxiliary along with his Dad. That group supports the Virginia Department of Emergency Management communications needs as directed. Justin also enjoys traveling and learning new things.