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Webcast Information

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Christy Evanko

Autism, Insurance, and ABA in Virginia
Christy Evanko, Snowflakes ABA, LLC


After 10 years of effort, the Virginia Legislature passed a law mandating that insurance companies cover diagnosis and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder including Applied Behavior Analysis.  But what is Applied Behavior Analysis?  Who provides the services?  How do I access the treatment for my child with Autism?  This presentation will provide some background on ABA and Autism, the new law, and those who provide the service.  Then both parents and providers will be offered tips on accessing the insurance benefits.

Christy Evanko lives outside of Richmond, Virginia with her husband, two daughters, and one son who has Autism.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts from Penn State University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Christy is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst(R) with a graduate certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of North Texas.  She is a  co-owner of Snowflakes ABA, LLC and works with children on the autistic spectrum using Applied Behavior Analysis.  She also created a piano program called Piano Foundations for Children with Autism and writes inclusion books under the label, Good Friend Books.