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Cathy Pratt

Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice in the General Education School Setting

Presented By:
Cathy Pratt, University of Indiana
August 9, 2011

Presenter Bio:  Dr. Cathy Pratt is the Director of the Indiana Resource Center for Autism at the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community located at Indiana University. Dr. Pratt is on faculty at Indiana University, and presents internationally at conferences and workshops. Dr. Pratt serves on numerous Advisory Boards, including the Advisory Boards of Maap Services, Inc., and the Autism Society of Indiana. She currently serves as Chairman of the Board for the National Autism Society of America and is Co-Chair of the Conference Committee, and a Member of the Government Relations Committee.

Description:  This webcast is designed to prepare educators to include students with ASD in the general education environment. Dr. Pratt will provide an overview of strategies demonstrated to be effective in the general education classroom to ensure academic and social success. Discussion will include classroom wide strategies, individual supports, and explicit instruction in specific areas of need. A description of how these strategies work and steps for implementation will be provided.