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Aisha Shamburger

The Three-Factor Model for Counseling Culturally Diverse Individuals

Presented By:
Allen Lewis, Ph.D., VCU

Aisha Shamburger, MS, CRC, CRP, Ph.D. Student, VCU Rehab Counseling
July 28, 2010
Do you ever wonder what tools are out there that really work to improve your ability as a service provider of rehabilitation or disability services to connect cross-culturally? Do you sometimes wish that you could find the “right” tool that would integrate seamlessly into your current counseling style? Well, look no further. Join us for the next Project Empowerment webcast titled “How to Improve Your Cultural Competency Using the Three-Factor Model.” The three-factor model is an assessment tool that you will develop to enhance your ability to get acquainted with your clients along the three factors of cultural identity, stage of development, and adjustment to disability.