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Staci Carr

Mental Health Considerations for Transitioning to the Postsecondary World

Presented By:
Staci Carr, Ph.D., VCU Autism Center for Excellence (ACE)
May 22, 2024

Paying attention to the behavior and mental health of students with disabilities is crucial for their overall well-being and success, especially as they transition to post-secondary environments. These students often face unique challenges that can exacerbate stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Recognizing and addressing these early can prevent more severe problems later on.

Teaching coping strategies and resilience skills is equally important. Strategies such as time management, stress reduction techniques, and social skills training can empower these students to navigate the complexities of higher education and adult life more effectively. This proactive approach supports academic success and enhances personal development, social integration, and independence. This webcast will highlight the current research on how to identify potential mental health challenges and strategies to support students.