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Grant Revell

Current Research in Self-Employment

Presented By:
Grant Revell, VCU Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Workplace Supports and Job Retention
August 19, 2009

Self-employment is increasingly sought and attained by individuals with disabilities, including vocational rehabilitation clients. This webcast will present findings from the START-UP USA research studies on self employment, specifically: (1) the extent to which self-employment is used as an employment option for individuals with disabilities within the vocational rehabilitation system, (2) Vocational Rehabilitation policies and practices that promote and inhibit self-employment goals for vocational rehabilitation clients, and (3) exemplary state models for self-employment for use within a customized employment approach. The presentation will include a discussion of the implications of the research findings for individuals with disabilities who are pursuing self-employment through the state Vocational Rehabilitation system, and also for their service providers.