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Lisa Morgan

In Support of Supported Decision Making
Lisa Morgan, Icon Community Services


For some students with intellectual, developmental, and mental disabilities there is a move to gain legal guardianship over the individual when the young person reaches the age of majority. Other families are taking a less proactive stance and instead are engaging in an activity known as Supported Decision Making (SDM). "It is based on the principle that all individuals have a right to self-determination and respect for their autonomy, irrespective of disability." -Open Society Mental Health Initiative determination." - Open Society Mental Health Initiative

Lisa Morgan is the Executive Director for ICON Community Services, Inc., a private non-profit organization offering community based services to people with disabilities since 1985. Lisa has worked in the field of disabilities for 17 years, starting out as a direct care worker for the Miriam Home in Montreal, Canada. In 1997, Lisa moved to Baltimore, MD to run a residential program for Jewish Family Services. In 2000, Lisa moved to Atlanta, GA where she remained until 2007 as the Director of Disabilities Services.