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Laura Owens

From Segregated to Customized: The Shift to Personalized Employment
Laura Owens, APSE


There is a shift occurring in the way we think about youth with disabilities and their futures. No longer directed into segregated facility based programs, today students with disabilities are dreaming of bright futures that include jobs. Employment goals are incorporated into Transition IEPs, but what is really involved in securing and retaining a job? Laura Owens, the executive director of APSE, the Network on Employment will provide an overview of options, policies and the strategies to support students with disabilities and their families prepare for employment.

Dr. Laura Owens is the Executive Director of APSE: The Network on Employment, a national association focusing on the advancement of integrated employment for individuals with disabilities in Washington, DC. She is also an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the department of Exceptional Education and the Director/Founder of Creative Employment Opportunities, Inc. (CEO), an employment agency for individuals with disabilities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.