Webcast Information

Webcast Information

Photo of Stephan Haimowitz
Stephan Haimowitz

Overcoming Job Barriers Facing Vets With Criminal Records
Stephan Haimowitz

Date: 4/16/2009, 2:00pm Eastern


This webcast will offer an overview of the basic legal strategies available to homeless and other Veterans (and their advocates) to address the criminal records which create obstacles to getting a good job. Aimed at non-lawyers, the web cast will discuss:

  • Criminal records - terms, types and the problems they produce
  • The laws in some states which limit employers' use of applicants' criminal records
  • The legal tools which enable individuals in many states to "erase" a criminal record
  • How to locate information and assistance
Given that the laws on this topic vary widely across the country, the webcast will suggest general approaches which can be adapted to the individual's situation and particular state's rules.