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Photo of Cathy Healy

Cathy Healy

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Katherine Wittig

Laying the Groundwork for Transition

Presented By:
Cathy Healy, PEATC

Katherine Wittig, VDOE's Training & Technical Assistance Center
March 3, 2008
Secondary transition has been characterized as an activity similar to "herding cats." As one aspect of transition is identified and addressed, three or more issues float to the top. Parents, transitioning youth, and special educators need clarification about transition, and how to go about planning for it while in the midst of it.

Katherine Wittig the VCU-T/TAC transition specialist will present the steps involved in developing measurable post secondary goals.

PEATC director of training, Cathy Healy will guide families and professionals in the foundations of transition and the importance of partnership development.

Using a case study the transition expert will lead the participants in the development of post secondary goals laying the groundwork for transition planning under the IDEA.