Webcast Information

Webcast Information

Photo of Kim Cordingly
Kim Cordingly

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Jason Wheeler

Tapping into Self Employment and Entrepreneurship Resources and Services
Kim Cordingly, Job Accommodation Network
Jason Wheeler, Partners for Youth with Disabilities


This webcast explores the national resources and services available to individuals with disabilities who are interested in self-employment. The following presenters cover the different services that each of their organizations offer.

Kim Cordingly, Ph.D. (A.B.D.), Clinical Instructor, Job Accommodation Network/Small Business and Self-Employment Service

Kim Cordingly discusses the Job Accommodation Network's (JAN) Small Business and Self-Employment Service (SBSES) program and her experiences assisting entrepreneurs with disabilities over the past 8 years. She provides an overview of the SBSES program, the type of information and assistance the service can provide, and examples of the individualized process SBSES consultants undertake to support consumers. Kim highlights three very different caller scenarios illustrating some of the challenges and opportunities presented by the choice of self-employment.

Jason P. Wheeler, Director, Young Entrepreneurs Project , Partners for Youth with Disabilities

Jason Wheeler focuses on the benefits of teaching entrepreneurship to youth with disabilities. He shares an overview of the Young Entrepreneurs Project (YEP) model, curriculum standards and student outcomes as a result of the program. In addition, he focuses on how organizations can become connected to the National Center for Mentoring Youth with Disabilities and harvest promising practices from the larger community of disability mentoring organizations.