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5 Fascinating Facts: How You Learn

by Center on Transition Innovations

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1 Learning styles: Your learning style describes how your brain processes or translates new information. Types of learning styles include visual, auditory and tactile/kinesthetic.

2 Know your learning style: Knowing your learning style can help you know how to study “smarter, not longer,” choose a career and decide which postsecondary education or training is right for you.

3 Steps to discovering learning style: Steps to discovering your preferred learning style may include self-reflection, a learning-style assessment and reviewing your educational documentation.

4 Know your SPIN: Having a good grasp on your strengths, preferences, interests and needs provides you with valuable knowledge about yourself. Knowing these aspects of yourself will also greatly assist you in exploring careers and identifying jobs that you might enjoy.

5 Increase awareness of abilities and needs: Get involved with school and community activities to discover your interests, skills and values.