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7 Fascinating Facts: Disability support services in college

by Center on Transition Innovations

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1 Registering for accommodations: To pursue accommodations or services at the college level, you must register as a student with a disability. This should take place soon after you have accepted admission to college. Contact the disability support services (DSS) office to find out its specific accommodation process and any documentation requirements.

2 Accommodations may be different from high school: Do not expect to have the same accommodations in college as you did in high school. In high school, you were provided with accommodations to ensure your participation in the general curriculum. In college, you must initiate the process to receive accommodations.

3 Common college accommodations: Some of the more common accommodations offered through colleges may include: priority registration, permission to record lectures, extended time on tests, testing in a limiteddistraction environment, note taker for lectures, preferential seating, specialized fire alarms for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing, and sign language interpreting services.

4 Disability documentation: Most colleges, if not all, will require you to provide documentation of your disability to receive accommodations. By researching these requirements, you will be able to gather the needed information in a timely manner.

5 Procedures to request accommodations: The college you attend will require you to follow procedures to request accommodations. It is up to you to know and monitor the process. Visit your college’s DSS office website, and review the specific information regarding the registration process.

6 Meet with disability support services: Make an appointment to meet with a representative from the DSS office well in advance of the start of the semester to review your documentation, discuss your individual needs and determine if you are eligible for services.

7 You are responsible for requesting accommodations: You are the person responsible for communicating your accommodation needs with each instructor. Meet with each of your instructors and share your accommodation letter with them. Start practicing now. While in high school, request accommodations in class and actively participate in your IEP meetings.