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Neena Massey

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Ciara Ladroma

Employment and The Gig Economy

Presented By:
Neena Massey

Ciara Ladroma, Senior Associate, Griffin-Hammis Associates
June 6, 2024

This session discusses the in’s and out’s of Gig Economy from the perspective of Neena Massey. Neena is a gig worker who has made a successful living as a Lyft Driver, Performance Artist, and Community Event Collaborator. Neena has provided over 12,000 rides on Lyft and drives as a source of income for her and her family. Being a Lyft driver allows Neena the flexibility and comfort to accommodate her health and support needs. Neena has had an extensive career in Education and has shared that becoming a Lyft driver has given her a sense of peace like she has never known before.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Learn and understand what Gig Economy is.
  2. Learn the benefits of being a “gig worker” and how it is a viable option of self-employment that allows for flexibility and accommodations.
  3. Reflect on the relevance of Gig Economy in today’s workforce.

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Neena Massey, Entrepreneur: 

As a first-generation Pakistani American, my performance art engages ritual and ceremony with Urdu poetry, mantra, and meditation. I’m inspired by Classical Indian and Middle Eastern dance. I encourage healing in the body, mind, and soul, documenting my journey through live presentation, writing, photography, and videography.

Each of my performances follows with a workshop for people who want to continue the journey. I provide online peer support services to individuals and groups.

In addition to performance art, I host a Community Gathering in Denver, Colorado. The gathering creates space for healing and transformation of displaced and gentrified communities.

I support my growth as an artist by being a Lyft driver, which has given me the flexibility to prioritize my art while still taking care of myself and my family.

Through integrative work, I create spaces of individual and collective healing, to amplify the potential for trauma recovery, thus unlocking genuine self-awareness and potent self-transformation. We heal better together.


Ciara Ladroma, Facilitator: 

Ciara has served the employment and entrepreneurial industries for the last 12 years with a focus on serving people with disabilities, women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ individuals. She has supported small business owners nationwide to create, launch, and grow their businesses. Ciara began her career in Supported Employment as an Employment Specialist and has since carried these unique skills and traits to all areas of her career. Previously serving as a Career Coach at Des Moines Area Community College and as the Director of the Iowa Women’s Business Center, Ciara has found ways to elevate communities by guiding people’s success through business ownership and career navigation. As an entrepreneur herself, she is able to take her own experiences and challenges to help others navigate their entrepreneurial hurdles. Ciara provides technical assistance and trainings of best practices regarding employment service delivery with a focus on Customized Employment and Self-Employment.