Webcast Information

Webcast Information

Photo of Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman

Photo of Nancy Brooks-Lane
Nancy Brooks-Lane

Self Employment: Vision, Partnerships, and Creative Funding
Chris Coleman, Nancy Brooks-Lane


Christopher Coleman and Nancy Brooks-Lane discuss their partnership in supporting Chris' dream of owning his own business. This webcast focuses on a journey from devaluing disability to a point in life when disability became a force for economic development. Early on, Chris was labeled as "mentally retarded" and in need of institutional placement. Through Chris' determination and the support of people like Nancy, he is now a major player in his community. Today, Chris is a professional speaker reaching out to a variety of audiences, including corporations like Coca Cola and Lucent Technologies. He has a strong passion and the courage to fight. Chris' vision is to become an entrepreneur who changes lives. In Chris' words, "Any possibility you may know of, I am all for it."