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Webcast Information

Photo of Melissa Clark
Melissa Clark

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Johnelle Howanach

Family Support of Self-Employment
Melissa Clark, Johnelle Howanach


Melissa Clark, who has fetal alcohol syndrome, was adopted in 1982 at the age of six by Sister Johnelle Howanich. In this webcast, Lissie presents her story and how she overcomes the challenges and struggles in her life. Sister Johnelle shares the strategies that she has used to teach Lissie. Lissie and Sister Johnelle, of Great Falls, MT have franchised a gourmet pet biscuit business called "Lissie's Luv Yums." Luv Yums was crafted around Lissie's interests, abilities, talents, and most importantly, her need to function as a businessperson. She works from home and is able to take breaks when she needs them, working on her own schedule. Lissie and Johnelle share their story of how they have used family support in Lissie's successful business.