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Photo of Susie Rutkowski
Susie Rutkowski

The Cincinnati Children's Hospital Project SEARCH Program - An Innovative Employment Program
Susie Rutkowski

Date: 3/20/2007, 2:00pm Eastern


Susie Rutkowski, Great Oaks Institute of Technology and Career Development, Manager of Disability Education and Co-Director of Project SEARCH Ten years ago, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center partnered with Great Oaks Institute of Technology to create an on-site business based transition program. Project SEARCH is a one year program for students and young adults beginning at age 18. The key concepts of this program include immersion of the young person at the organization for one school year, 3-4 internships in the organization, employability curriculum taught on and off the job, on-site staff including special education instructor and job coaches, and employment outcomes. This program has grown to include other business settings and has expanded throughout Ohio and across the country. Find out why this program is successful and if it could work in your community.