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Webcast Information

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Darlene Unger

Breaking Down Barriers to Implementing Community-Based Vocational Training for Youth with Disabilities
Darlene Unger, VCU


Increasingly, schools are being required to provide evidence of the transition outcomes of students with disabilities as they relate to participation in postsecondary education and the work force. Findings indicate that one of strongest factors linked to postschool employment for youth with disabilities is participation in vocational training and employment experiences while attending school. Yet, in some schools there are limited opportunities for students to participate in school-facilitated or school-supported vocational training or employment experiences.

With the increased emphasis on transition outcomes related to employment, why don't more schools offer community-based vocational training or job placement services? This webcast identifies the programmatic and philosophical factors that make the provision of these services to students receiving special education services challenging for educators and rehabilitation professionals. Strategies for addressing these challenges and justifications for job placement prior to students exiting school are presented.