Webcast Information

Webcast Information

Photo of Barry Maxwell
Barry Maxwell

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John Butterworth

Organizational Strategies to Impact Customized Employment Outcomes
Barry Maxwell, ARC Industries
John Butterworth, Institute for Community Inclusion


This webcast addresses aligning organizational resources to increase customized employment outcomes. John Butterworth, Ph.D., Research & Policy Coordinator for T-TAP, highlights lessons learned from ten organizations participating in the T-TAP project, and strategies they have used to expand support for full community employment. These ten organizations are receiving individualized training and technical assistance from the T-TAP staff and the CRP Leadership Network to help develop their programs from segregated work and non-work options to competitive employment opportunities in the community. The training and technical assistance they have received includes program planning, marketing, budgeting, staff development, and financial planning.

Barry Maxwell of ARC Industries in Bartlesville OK, one of the participating organizations receiving training and technical assistance from the T-TAP project, shares his organization's strategies and challenges in increasing their customized employment outcomes.

Dr. John Butterworth is the Technical Assistance Coordinator and Research Coordinator for T-TAP at ICI. He has 25 years of experience as a teacher, manager of community-based day and employment services, trainer, and researcher.