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Webcast Information

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John Coburn

Medicare Part D: Assisting Working Beneficiaries in Managing the New Benefit
John Coburn, Health and Disability Advocates


John Coburn is a senior policy analyst and attorney for Health & Disability Advocates (HDA). As part of his work with HDA, John directs the Make Medicare Work Coalition, which provides education and policy advocacy around the new Medicare Part D benefit. John has provided technical assistance and training to service providers from around the country on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ADAP, and other public benefits programs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the Most Up-to-Date Information on the roll-out of Medicare Part D
  • Review the "Extra Help" Categories under Medicare Part D
  • Review the Income and Resource Rules for Determining "Extra Help" Eligibility
  • Understand the Implications of Medicare Part D on Work Incentives such as IRWEs
  • Learn How to Assist Beneficiaries in Making Informed Choices about Medicare Part D Plans
  • Gain a Working Knowledge of Processes for Seeking Maximum Drug Coverage under Medicare Part D
  • Further Clarify the Role of BPAO and PABSS Projects in Assisting Beneficiaries in Navigating this Complex Benefit

This activity is funded by Contract # 0600-98-35487 (BARC)