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Joe Henn

Funding the Transition to Meaningful Adult Roles
Joe Henn

Date: 5/9/2006, 2:00pm Eastern


This presentation will cover the financial planning including budgeting and funding strategies that allows a person with a severe disability to live a full, integrated life in the community. In so doing, the person can continue to be eligible for the benefit streams to which he/she is entitled, while working full time with benefits and living independently.

Joe's daughter, Nancy, has autism. At age 19, Nancy's profile for possible employment was: IQ: < 20, non-verbal, severe behavior problems, functioning level - bottom 10% of individuals with autism. At age 31, Nancy's life consists of : working 40 hours per week at union scale with benefits, owns her own car, goes on vacations, lives with 3 other women, and pays taxes. Joe can tell you how this happened for his daughter and how others can do it too!