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Photo of Wendy Strobel

Wendy Strobel

Technology & Transition for Individuals with Learning Disabilities

Presented By:
Wendy Strobel, M.S., Director of the Northeast ADA Center, Cornell University
January 26, 2006
Learning objectives:
  1. Understand the new definition of learning disability and the functional limitations associated with it.

  2. Understand the rights and responsibilities of people with LD as they move to post-secondary and work environments.

  3. Review current technology and the evolution of mainstream technology as effective tools for people with LD.

Wendy Strobel is the Director of Training and Project Manager of Demand Pull. She has a MS degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from the Medical College of Virginia. She has worked extensively in the application and training of issues around assistive technology in work and school environments. She also has a great deal of experience in the area of employment and transition from school to work for people with disabilities. Wendy conducts interviews with manufacturers, researchers, and people with disabilities to determine the technology needs not met by the devices currently available on the market.