Webcast Information

Webcast Information

Photo of Joanne Ellis
Joanne Ellis

Self Employment for People with Disabilities
Joanne Ellis, Career Support Systems, Inc.


After completing this webcast you will:

  • Know the difference between self employment vs wage employment
  • Calculate Net Earnings for Self-Employment (NESE)
  • Understand IRS Rules and Schedule C and the self-employment from tax returns
  • Learn how the wages of business owners impact SSA benefits
  • Describe the difference between self-employment and hobbies
  • Define the role of the BPAO and PABSS in self-employment cases

Presenter: In 1993, Joanne Ellis co-founded Career Supports, a company that assists individuals who are underserved in the service delivery system for supported employment. Joanne provides technical assistance and training to rehabilitation professionals and to individuals and their families on Social Security and the utilization of Work Incentives.

This activity is funded by Virginia Commonwealth University Benefits Assistance Resource Center, Social Security Administration Contract # 0600-00-51200.