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Marianne Mooney

Using Community Resource Mapping to Improve Post-School Outcomes for Youth with Disabilities
Marianne Mooney

Date: 9/23/2005, 2:00pm Eastern


With the current emphases on streamlining youth system services and blending funds, it is important that community stakeholders efficiently "map" their resources. The presenters will share a community resource mapping process for discovering, leveraging, and aligning broad youth services to address needs of transitioning youth with disabilities.

Participants will:

  • be introduced to a step-by-step community resource mapping process that gives them a better understanding of how to find available services, resources, and funds to help create a smoother transition to positive outcomes for youth with disabilities;
  • explore new ways to engage youth with disabilities in broad generic youth-serving educational, workforce development, and community systems;
  • learn what states are doing to build broad youth systems that will help to improve the outcomes of youth with disabilities in their communities.