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Deb Hart

Community Colleges and Dual Enrollment
Deb Hart

Date: 9/19/2005, 2:00pm Eastern


Current research indicates that getting a postsecondary education is one of the best ways for individuals to increase their employability. Information regarding individuals with more significant disabilities who use the vocational rehabilitation system reveals that participation in postsecondary education correlates with competitive rather than sheltered employment. In fact, completion of any type of postsecondary education e.g. one college course, completion of a college certificate program significantly improves the chance of meaningful employment.

Debra Hart's web cast on Community Colleges and Dual Enrollment will discuss the student-directed model that the Institute for Community Inclusion has designed and implemented. This model provides students with significant disabilities access to a new learning environment, and facilitates the collaboration of school and community resources prior to the student exiting high school.