Webcast Information

Webcast Information

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Dusty Dutton

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Donna Dutton

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Dale Dutton

Parent Expectations and Work
Dusty Dutton, Donna Dutton, Dale Dutton


Dusty Dutton's business, "Dusty's Puppets", provides puppet shows for local events, the YMCA, Head Start, and birthday parties. Dusty is a 29 year old Californian with Down syndrome, diabetes, and limited vision. Her parents, Donna and Dale, have been very supportive of her inclusion as she has grown up, left the education system, and moved on to supported living, employment, and business opportunities. Dale has focused his efforts on learning about the systems that will continue to facilitate Dusty's success as an adult. Donna has been assisting on the "artistic" side of puppetry, and with life in general. In this webcast, Dusty and her parents share their experiences of learning about the systems that are leading to Dusty's success as an independent adult. This includes the willingness and ability of Dusty's provider to support turning her passion for puppets into a lucrative business. Dusty's business hours vary so she requires support and coordination from several program services. The family talks about how they have successfully pulled this all together.