Webcast Information

Webcast Information

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Daniel Fortuno

Medical Insurance
Daniel Fortuno, A Benefits Training Foundation


In this webcast you will learn: how employer-sponsored health coverage may be an under-utilized and unknown "work incentive"; how individuals living with disabilities may be able to enroll in and access private health coverage through employment, unions, and associations; understand what pre-existing condition exclusionary periods are for private health coverage; and how individuals may be able to use previous coverage to reduce pre-existing condition exclusionary periods for private health coverage.

Daniel Fortuño is the Founder and Executive Director of Options: A Benefits Training Foundation. Options is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to "ensure economic security for people with disabilities and a stronger society by addressing how to access services to meet basic needs from income to health coverage and removing barriers to employment." Options enables community-based organizations to offer more comprehensive benefits choices to people living with disabilities.