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Karen Tritz

Medicare Modernization Act (MMA)
Karen Tritz

Date: 5/23/2005, 2:00pm Eastern


Medicare and Medicaid are the two types of health insurance authorized by the Social Security Act. Medicare is a program for individuals who are receiving Social Security benefits who are also over age 65 or disabled. Medicaid is a health insurance available to Americans who are members of specific groups, such as children, the elderly or individuals with disabilities, who also have very low income and few resources.

In this webcast, you will: learn about the complex and sweeping legislative change in both the Medicare and Medicaid systems; discuss the implementation of the Medicare Modernization Act, the Medicare reform and prescription drug program enacted in 2003; and, discuss how the legislation will impact individuals who currently have Medicare as well as prescription drug coverage under state administered Medicaid program. Karen Tritz, Policy Consultant , offers an excellent understanding of the Medicaid programs, with extensive experience on both the state and federal levels.