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Doreen Haug

Benefits Planning Query (BPQY) and the SSA eWORK System
Doreen Haug

Date: 1/10/2005, 2:00pm Eastern


SSA is confronting one of its biggest challenges, modernizing its paper and pen system for processing work reports. This presentation describes the history of the work report process and the hopeful automation steps SSA has taken to improve it. Overviews of the current automation tools; the PC-CDR program, the Benefits Planning Query and the Modernized Return to Work are given. A complete description of what to expect from the latest technology improvement and the eWork system covers most of the presentation. eWork is a mandatory work report processing system for all 800 Number offices, field offices and program centers.

In this presentation, you will: learn how eWork will increase access, accountability, accuracy and timeliness for processing return-to-work issues; understand the historical context of the SSA's work report system; become familiar with how eWork is changing how work is processed in SSA offices; understand how eWork makes work reporting more efficient and accurate; learn how best to interact with 800 Number staff and field offices using eWork; and, understand what outcomes to expect from timely reporting of work.