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Barbara Otto

Capacity Building
Barbara Otto, Health and Disability Advocates


Barbara A. Otto is the Executive Director of Health & Disability Advocates, Formerly the SSI Coalition For A Responsible Safety Net. Under Ms. Otto's leadership, HDA has grown from a statewide coalition to a national resource for more than 500 organizations and state and federal agencies across the country. Ms. Otto has an extensive background in health care policy and welfare to work issues. In addition to her work with the HDA, Ms. Otto also serves as Adjunct Faculty with Cornell University's School of Industrial Relations and Program on Employment and Disability as a State-to-State Systems Development Specialist.

In this presentation you will: learn how to assess if your organization is ready to think about building its capacity; learn about different levels of capacity building and which one might be right for your organization; and learn about some examples of capacity building with some benefits planning projects around the country and some tools available to you for your project to take the next step.