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Karen Flippo

Marketing and Job Development - The Business Side of the Process
Karen Flippo

Date: 4/28/2003, 2:00pm Eastern


Marketing and job development--two concepts but one outcome. Employment success is attributed to several factors, but one of the most important is establishing the credibility of the service business. Regardless of business size, location or purpose, this entails understanding how businesses operate, make decisions, and solve problems. In today's climate, businesses thrive because they respond to change and incorporate creative solutions. The employment specialist's role in understanding the core of the business, its culture, its history and its future, and then communicating how the participant and employment service will add value to the business operation is essential in achieving the employment outcome. This webcast will discuss how to make this happen. Karen Flippo has 25 years of experience in rehabilitation and disability that spans direct service, project and organizational management, public policy, education and training, research, evaluation, and federal government service. She is the Vice President of the Brain Injury Association of America, a national organization whose purpose is to create a better future for individuals with brain injury through prevention, education, research and advocacy. She is the P.I. on two grants, one on self-employment for individuals with brain injury and the other on assistive technology for individuals with cognitive disabilities.