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Michael Callahan

Customized Employment Strategies

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Michael Callahan
May 5, 2003

Customized employment can make employment in typical work settings for typical wages a part of life for all. All people who wish to be employed can become employed. In this webcast, Michael Callahan will discuss the characteristics that provide the necessary supports, representation, resources, and values of customized employment. The following strategies will be covered: job descriptions and responsibilities are negotiated by an applicant or a job developer with an employer; the job description is focused on contributions; employers are presented with proposals; and, applicants voluntarily disclose their disabilities to resolve support and accommodations. Michael will describe how to use the "template strategy" as a customized job description tool. Michael Callahan is the President, Marc Gold & Associates (MG&A). He has consulted throughout the US, Canada and Europe in the area of employment for the past twenty-one years. MG&A is a network of consultants that provides technical assistance to systems, agencies and families interested in insuring the complete community participation of persons with severe disabilities. Michael has recently joined three other colleagues, Joe Skiba, Norciva Shumpert and Melinda Mast, to form a non-profit organization, Employment for All. EFA is dedicated to assuring full access to employment for all persons with disabilities. He is an editor of a popular "how-to" book on employment for persons with severe disabilities, Getting Employed, Staying Employed and co-author of a recently published book Keys to the Work Place. He has written numerous articles, chapters, manuals and curriculums pertaining to employment.