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Joe Steffy

Discovering My Abilities
by Joe Steffy

Joe Steffy is an individual with multiple complex developmental disabilities. In April 2005, Joe became the owner of the Poppin Joe's Kettle Korn. Today, Joe is directly involved with the operation of the kettle corn business. He knows the popping process and has mastered all skills of the operation. Watch Joe's PowerPoint Show that he created telling his story to owning Poppin Joe's Kettle Korn.

PPS file (right-click this link and choose Save Target As... to download to your desktop, then use PowerPoint to view & listen. If you do not have PowerPoint, you can download the free PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft)

Joe and his parents recently presented on a webcast on Developing A Business Plan for Self-Employment. Register for this archived webcast










Additional Resources:

Start-UP/USA Entrepreneur Leadership Network - Joe is a member of the Start-Up USA Entrepreneurs. Joe Steffy

KC Community News Article - Kettle Korn venture proves golden for Joe - Business is source of fulfillment for 21-year-old Louisburg man with Down's Syndrome & autistic disorder

U.S. News & World Report article: How One Autistic Young Man Runs a Business - Poppin' Joe's Kettle Korn shows how special-needs children can fare as adults - Joe Steffy is off to Overland Park, Kan., this week to do a PowerPoint presentation on his business, Poppin' Joe's Kettle Korn. He's a 23-year-old small-business man with a goal of $100,000 in sales by 2012. Joe also has autism and Down syndrome and is nonverbal. When he gives his talk, he will push buttons on an augmentative speech device to deliver the words. His audience will be parents who fervently hope their own special-needs children will be able to work, too. Read the U.S. News & World Report article