Certificate of Course Completion Recipients
From Wisconsin Since 2004

Supported Employment Web-Based Certificate Series and
Supported Competitive Employment for Individuals with Mental Illness

Total Individuals From Wisconsin Receiving a Certificate: 39


Last First State Agency Year Completed
Biddle Tammi WI Community Momentum 2010
Brady Kimberly WI Community Momentum 2012
Brady Kimberly WI VIP SERVICES INC 2014
Brinker Nancy WI Lakeside Curative Services 2012
Brown Mary Ellen WI Innovative Services 2013
Callahan Tonya WI Opportunity Development Centers 2007
Camacho Iris WI ASPIRO 2015
Conway Kristin WI Northern Valley Ind, Inc. 2016
Cooper Cathy WI Community Industries corporation 2014
Diaz Maria WI LCS 2016
Dieter-Pias Jamie WI Racine County Opportunity Center 2010
Gibberd Kasey WI Northern Valley Industries Inc 2015
Goltz Mary WI LCS 2016
Groshek Ginger WI Community Industries corporation 2014
Grunder Tom WI Waunakee High School 2007
Haanen (Hook) Nancy WI Fox River Industries 2011
Hall Rick WI WI DVR 2007
Hedrington Kamie WI Community Industries corporation 2014
Heinzelmann Janet WI LCS 2016
HendersonGuenther Deb WI Client Assistance Program 2008
Howard Elizabeth WI MCFI 2010
Jackson Michael WI Pantheon Industries, Inc. 2012
Johnson Kathryn WI Northern Valley Industries 2012
Lato Lindsey WI Goodwill Industries 2006
Literski Amy WI Northern Valley Ind, Inc. 2016
May Aurora WI NVI 2015
Memmel Jayme WI 2012
Nelson Marques WI Goodwill Industries SEW 2012
Newberry Sarah WI Lakeside Curative Services 2014
Norman Kevin WI Goodwill Industries 2006
Nyman Brooke WI Innovative Services 2013
Packer Hazel WI Community Industries corporation 2014
Pena Sam WI LCS 2016
Pham Christine WI Lakeside Curative Service 2015
Ray Jacqueline WI Racine Friendship Clubhouse 2014
Rice Cory WI Community Industries corporation 2014
Shaw Brittany WI LCS 2016
Wechseler Lindsay WI Innovative Services 2013
Wynen Annie WI Innovative Services 2013