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Autism Training Solutions

Autism Training Solutions (ATS) is an online education company designed to provide training to professionals, paraprofessionals and families within the field of autism and related disabilities. ATS provides quality instruction in evidence based practices through interactive video, staff assessments, supervision, and certification.  The five step e-Training consists of over 1,500 autism intervention video clips.  The ATS library includes over 2,000 video clips in behavior management, assessment and progress evaluation, professionalism, and autism spectrum disorders.

ATS can be used to train yourself, a few staff or an entire organization. The professional training edition offers training for professionals including educators and other service providers. In addition, ATS offers a family edition aimed at teaching families to use evidence based practices in the home and developing collaborative relationships with professionals.  Training is purchased and cost is based on the quantity of training received.  You can take the ATS tour to learn more about this resource.

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