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College-based inclusion programming for transition-age students with autism

by Zager, D., & Alpern, C.S.

Zager, D. & Alpern, C. (2010). College-based inclusion programming for transition-age students with autism. Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities, 25(3), 151-157.

The article examines considerations for college-based programming for transition age students with ASD.  Particular attention is provided to social communication supports that are necessary to facilitate student success in the college setting. An overview of current literature related to college-based programming and support for students in the area of social communication is presented.  Youth perceptions of their own social communicative behavior are also presented.  The authors establish that thorough assessment including standardized tests, natural environment observations, and self-efficacy questions are required in order to customize programs to promote social communication competence.  Recommendations are offered for enhancing development of social communication skills for students with ASD in college-based programs.